Rajvi Thakore

Graduate Student


Rajvi hails from Ahmedabad, India and has a BA (honours) in German Studies and an MA in German Literature from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

In the course of writing her MA thesis entitled „Begrifflichkeit und Begreifbarkeit: eine sprachkritische Untersuchung zwischen Erkenntniskritik und Kulturkritik“, her interest arose in questioning ideas of language, communication, and media. At Cornell, she intends to study her own preoccupation with these inquiries and is currently keen on exploring how notions of identities such as 'self', 'I', and 'person' emerge in acts of interlocution, as thematised, particularly, in the works of Martin Buber and Vilém Flusser amongst others.

Rajvi is also an active member of the Cornell Graduate and Professional Student Assembly (GPSA) and believes in student advocacy and community engagement.


The Dialogical Self – Mediating between Martin Buber, Vilém Flusser, and Hubert Hermans. Presented at the symposium "New Directions in German Studies", Cornell University, March 2023

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