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Fall 2017 - Spring 2018 Awards

Goethe Essay Prize

Junior and Senior Category for the best essay on any topic connected with German literature or culture.

1st Prize $250 - Juliane Scholtz - “Der Wert des Alltäglichen: Darstellungen der Realität im Walter Ruttmann Film Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt”

Goethe Institute Exams

Juliane Scholtz


Simmons Award

Simmons Award in German is given to the student who has done the “best work in German” in the College of Arts & Sciences.  This year’s recipient was Yuqing (Eva) Cao.


EMGIP-Stipendium (Émigré Memorial German Internship Program)

Delphi Cleaveland

Heidelberg Exchange

German Studies also has a direct exchange program with the University in Heidelberg and this year that scholarship was awarded to two students:

Leighton Cook and Tushar Thomas


Book Prizes

Book Prizes are given to outstanding students nominated by their German instructors.  Books are donated to the Department of German Studies by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of German.

Fall 2017

1210 Exploring German Contexts I
Matthew Fricke
Jennifer Movroudakis
Caroline Hong
Linda Bu
Muhammad (Ismail) Taufiq

1220 Exploring German Contexts II
Joe McAllister

1230 Expanding The German Dossier Muyang Li
Brian Leffew

2000 Germany: Intercultural Contexts
Aura Loinard
Aaron Jay
Jonathan Ni

2020 Literary Contexts and Texts
Caroline Chang

2040 Perspectives on German Culture
Jeremy Coyle

3070 Challenge of Literary Language
Ivy Deng
Kyra Houlé

3290 Mean Streets
Sam Barnum

4100 The Seminar
Emma Stillings


Spring 2018

1210 Exploring German Contexts I
Yuqing (Claire) Cui
Skyeler McQueen
Plato Dellyannis
Sonu Kapoor

1220 Exploring German Contexts II
Reid Anrod
Katherine Estoque
Yifan He
Samuel (Sam) Frey

1230 Expanding the German Dossier
Brianna Johnson

2000 Germany: Intercultural Contexts
Muyang Li
Stephie Lux
Adam Wang
Nathalie Griffiths

2040 Perspectives on German Culture
Andrew Stover
Joseph McCracken

2060 German in Business Culture
Andrew Sheldon

3080 German Life Style Going Digital
Michaela Novakova
Neil Stilin

3215 Performance, Theater & Politics
Griffin Smith-Nichols
John Yoon


Language Certificate in German Language Study

For having achieved an advanced level of language competence through course work at the 3000 level corresponding to the criteria set by The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (level B2+)


  • Anna Boucheva
  • Jared Gurba
  • Lewis Haber
  • Daniel May
  • Michaela Novakova
  • Neil A. Stilin
  • Emma Kim Tall
  • Maxwell Vega


  • Xinyi (Lena) Li
  • Joshua Sadinsky
  • Juliane Scholtz
  • Lauren Elizabeth Stechschulte
  • Emma Stillings
  • Eric Zimmermann


  • Constanza Andrea Arevalo
  • R. Delphi Cleaveland
  • Leighton Fernando Cook
  • Melanie Kauffeld
  • Edward Francis Klimowicz
  • Anjum Malik
  • Melissa Lucia Sermiento
  • Caitlin Johanna Wischermann