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Graduate Job Placement Records

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  • Horakova, Anna (Ph.D. 2016), Harvard College Fellow, Postdoctoral Fellowship, Department of Germanic Languages & Literatures, Harvard University
  • Wankhammer, Johannes (Ph.D. 2016), Visiting Asssitant Professor, German Department, Reed College
  • Gemmell, Grace-Yvette (Ph.D. 2015), Online faculty in Art History, Sotheby's Institute of Art.
  • Nousek, Katrina (Ph.D. 2015), has been appointed Visiting Professor of German Studies at the University of Richmond.
  • Gelderloos, Carl (Ph.D. 2014), Assistant Professor (tenure track), Department of German and Russian Studies, Binghamton University.
  • Arslan, Gizem (Ph.D. 2013), Visiting Assistant Professor, German, The Catholic University of America.
  • Linden, Ari (Ph.D. 2013), Assistant Professor (tenure track), German Department, University of Kansas.
  • Rotaru, Arina (Ph.D. 2013), Lecturer in the Global Curriculum at New York University-Shanghai
  • Duncan, Michelle (Ph.D. 2012), Guest Scholar at the Pembroke Center at Brown University.
  • Buchholz, Paul (Ph.D. 2010), Assistant Professor (tenure-track), Department of German Studies, Emory University.
  • Dittrich, Joshua (Ph.D. 2009), Sessional Lecturer, University of Toronto, Mississauga, Department of Visual Studies and the Professional Writing & Communication Program.
  • Turco, Jeffrey (Ph.D. 2009), Assistant Professor (tenure track), German Department, School of Languages & Cultures, Purdue University.
  • Franzel, Sean (Ph.D. 2008), Associate Professor of German (tenure), Department of German and Russian Stufies, University of Missouri.
  • Komska, Yuliya (Ph.D. 2008), Associate Professor (tenure), German Department, Dartmouth College.
  • Frederick, Samuel (Ph.D. 2007), Associate Professor of German (tenure), German Department, Pennsylvania State University.
  • Parkinson, Anna (Ph.D. 2007), Associate Professor (tenure), German Department, Northwestern University.
  • Yildiz, Yasemin (Ph.D. 2006), Associate Professor of German and Comparative Literature (tenure), University of California - Los Angeles.
  • Kim, John (Ph.D. 2004), Associate Professor (tenure), Department of Comparative Literature & Foreign Languages, University of California, Riverside.
  • Polhill, Marian (Ph.D. 2002), Associate Professor (tenure), and Chair of Department of Comparative Literature, University of Puerto Rico.
  • Richardson, Michael (Ph.D. 2001), Full Professor in German at Ithaca College.
  • Fisher, Jaimey (Ph.D. 2000), Full Professor in the German Program at UC Davis.
  • Sager, Alexander (Ph.D. 2000), Associate Professor (tenure), Germanic & Slavic Languages, University of Georgia.
  • Weinstein, Valerie (Ph.D. 2000), Assistant Professor (tenure track), German Studies, University of Cincinnati.
  • Gundermann, Christian (Ph.D. 1999), Associate Professor (tenure) of Spanish, Latina/o, Latin American Studies and Gender Studies at Mount Holyoke College.
  • Prager, Bradley (Ph.D. 1999), Full Professor, German & Russian Studies, University of Missouri, Columbia.
  • Kordela, Kiarina Aglaia (Ph.D. 1998), Full Professor (tenure), Department of German Studies, Macalester College.
  • Mennel, Barbara (Ph.D. 1998), Associate Professor (tenure), Department of Language, Linguistics, and Director of Center for Film and Media Studies, University of Florida.
  • Gelbin, Catherine (Ph.D. 1997), Senior Lecturer (tenure), Department of German Studies, University of Manchester.
  • Schneider, Jeffrey Alan (Ph.D. 1997), Associate Professor (tenure), Department of German Studies, Vassar.