Nicolau Spadoni

Graduate Student


Nicolau Spadoni is a third-year Ph.D. student in German Studies at Cornell University. He earned his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Philosophy from the University of São Paulo, where he wrote a Bachelor thesis on Johann Gottfried Herder’s “Shakespeare” and a Master thesis on the tension between artistic ideal and historical modernity, as addressed by Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel in his Berlin lectures, particularly in his “Aesthetics”. In his doctoral program, Nicolau's research is shifting towards the question of eschatology in 20th-century German thought, with a particular interest in the work of Günther Anders. Additionally, he is interested in and has been writing and presenting on a few other research topics, such as Aesthetics of Sports and Videogame Studies. Nicolau is also a translator who has published Portuguese translations of works such as Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht's "Denk-Ereignisse: Sechzehn Intellektuelle im Portrait" and Ruy Fausto's "Le capital et la logique de Hegel: Dialectique marxienne, dialectique hégélienne," both through Editora Unesp.