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Douglas Brent McBride

Senior Lecturer

photo of Douglas Brent McBride

Goldwin Smith Hall, Room G77



I teach and supervise the teaching of two kinds of classes: First-Year Writing Seminars in English (my favorites are ‘From Fairy Tales to the Uncanny’ and ‘Marx Nietzsche Freud’) and second and third-year bridge courses in German (the kind of classes that introduce students to literary studies while continuing to practice language skills). I especially enjoy teaching a third-year course in German that examines how difficult literary language plays with the conventions of everyday speech (The Challenge of German Literary Language). In Fall 2018 I will be piloting a new third-year German course that meets in the Johnson Museum of Art and the Kroch Library of Rare Books and Manuscripts (Print Matters: German Print Culture from the Medieval to the Modern). Everything I teach requires students to do a lot of writing, in addition to reading. The essays I write myself are drawn from a comparative reading of modernist periodicals, the eye-catching magazines and newspapers that published manifestos before, during, and after the First World War. I’m now working on a book on modernist periodicals that is tentatively titled “From Counterculture to Canonization: The Expressionist Revolution in Berlin, 1910-1919”.

Office Hours 
TR 12-1 & by appointment



  • German Studies


How literary and visual cultures of modern Europe have addressed contradictions in the Enlightenment ideal of emancipation



“Resituating Lu Märten’s Manifesto of Matriarchal Socialism within Expressionist Debates”, in Anke Finger and Julie Shoults, eds., Women in German Expressionism: Gender, Sexuality, Activism, forthcoming (7500 words).

“The Provocation of Art that is Seen and Not Heard: Herwarth Walden’s Defense of Die Tauentzien-Girls” in Gustav Frank, ed., Bilderrätsel des gesprungenen Bewußtseins: Modernism and the Beginnings of Visual Culture (1890-1938), forthcoming with Aisthesis (7000 words).

“A Critical Mass for Modernism in Berlin: Der Sturm (1910-1932), Die Aktion (1911-1932), Sturm-Bühne (1918-1919)” in Peter Brooker, Sascha Bru, Andrew Thacker, and Christian Weikop eds., The Oxford Critical and Cultural History of Modernist Magazines. Vol. III: Europe 1880-1940 (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013) 773-797.

“Performing the Body Politic: Sorelian Discourse in Periodicals of Futurism and Expressionism” in Hélène Aji, Céline Mansanti, and Benoit Tadié, Revues modernists, revues engagées  (1900-1939) (Rennes: Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2011) 303-317.

“Modernism and the Museum Revisited” in New German Critique 33.3 (Fall 2006): 559-583.

“Expressionism, Futurism, and the Dream of Mass Democracy” in Studies in 20th- and 21st Century Literature 30.2 (Summer 2006): 333-353.

“Romantic Phantasms: Benjamin and Adorno on the Subject of Critique” in Monatshefte 90.4 (Winter 1998): 465-487.