Celebrating 2023 Graduates in German Studies!


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Congratulations from the Department of German Studies

Koffer sind Koffer
sind Abschied
sind Leder
sind Fass-mal-an
sind Pack-mich-voll
und wieder aus
sind Bäuche
sind Häuschen
sind Wir-ziehen-von-
und von dort
ach ja
nach weiter
(Ilma Rakusa)

Congratulations to Graduating Ph.Ds in German Studies!

Juan-Jacques Aupiais
Mariaenrica Giannuzzi
Sander Oosterom
Christine Schott
Leigh York

Congratulations to Graduating Majors and Minors in German Studies!


Lucy Abrahamson

Fabio Cabrera

What key experiences have shaped your Cornell experience?

I think taking Intro to German Studies GERST 2700 with Professor Schwarz was a key experience for me. This class convinced me that I wanted to study the humanities, and the topics covered continued to have an impact on me well after the class ended. I also think being a part of the Humanities Scholars Program was key for me, since it gave me the tools and resources to pursue independent projects with amazing professors.  

What inspired you to pursue German Studies?

Professor Schwarz convinced me! After taking her class I just wanted to learn more and more. Eventually I decided to learn the language in order to become a major.

What are some of your favorite memories studying German at Cornell?

I will always remember my introductory German classes with Tamar and Isabel. Tamar’s class was the only in-person class I was taking during the pandemic, it was very grounding. And Isabel’s class GERST 2020 was the first class in which we read a whole book in German! It was a big milestone.

Lukas Danforth

Qifan Wang



Emma Chase

Cesar Cisneros

Yvette Hung

What key experiences have shaped your Cornell experience?

The flexibility of my major allowed me to try out classes in many different fields, including German Studies and other random language departments. Experiencing college in a foreign environment during a semester abroad in Berlin was also very eye-opening. Outside of academics, I really enjoyed working my on-campus job and playing in the ukulele club.

What inspired you to pursue German Studies?

I decided on German before coming to Cornell because learning a new language in college had always been a goal, and a few people I know had studied it before. Starting in 1210, I felt the class was very well taught, so it was an easy decision to just keep going.

What are some of your favorite memories studying German at Cornell?

In general, the small class sizes made it easier to get to know other students. In German Business Culture with Frau Lischke, one of my first in-person classes after the pandemic, I enjoyed the completely different yet practical perspective on culture and became a lot more comfortable with speaking throughout all the presentations in class. Trying to understand German humor in different contexts (and reading dad jokes in class) in GERST 4100 with Prof. Schwarz was also fun.

Magda Kossowska

Flora Lechtreck

What key experiences have shaped your Cornell experience?

Being introduced to the German section of the Language House on West campus shaped my Cornell experience by giving me a chance to speak German with my peers in an informal setting while also getting to know other German studies students at Cornell. Having these connections and opportunities meant that I always had my community to rely on whether it was to discuss current events or grab dinner at the dining hall.

What are some of your favorite memories studying German at Cornell?

I really enjoyed roleplaying as people in the business world in my German business culture class. We were able to explore the content while getting in a lot of laughs after hearing our peers put on their best German business personas. Getting to experience situations that occur in the German business world and employment market and contrasting them to things we may experience in the United States opened up a lot of enriching discussions about wage gaps and transparency surrounding pay. 

Sophia Openshaw

What inspired you to pursue German Studies?

I took my first German Studies class in F19 with the intention of only doing it for one semester to complete the A&S language requirement! To be frank, I had not particularly enjoyed my German classes in high school. However, the warmth and intimate nature of the German Studies community in Cornell, as well as the intellectually stimulating class topics at the 3000- and 4000-level won me over in a heartbeat. This made it very easy to pursue a minor in this department.

What are some of your favorite memories studying German at Cornell?

Going for class walks outside around the Arts Quad with Frau Siegel during S22 class when discussing public spaces.

Our zoom class exchange/ class project with a German University in the S20 (COVID!) semester

Seminar on Hope with Frau Adelson in F21. One of the most challenging and rewarding classes I have taken in Cornell.

German Studies graduation reception! My family and I were all taken aback with how personal and community-oriented the reception was.

Sofia Pereira

William Robinson

Samuel Shagan

Tony Valencia

Eunice Zhang