Candice Strateman

Graduate Student


Candice Strateman is a PhD student in German Studies at Cornell. She received her M.A. in German Literature from the Humboldt Universit├Ąt in Berlin, Germany and her B.A. in English from the University of California, Berkeley. Her central research interests are 20th and 21st century German literature in the context of media. At present, she is researching media of sound and voice in literature, television, and film. She is currently developing a digital humanities project to address her research questions across a broad corpus of German literature using computational text analysis and distant reading. Candice has written about a variety of topics in German Studies, Media Studies, and the arts and music, including the recorded music album, 20th century postwar German poetry, translation theory, abstract expressionist painting, psychoanalysis and literature, messenger culture in medieval Germany, and intertextuality. She also writes poetry and short stories.

At Cornell, Candice has taught the following introductory courses on German language and culture: Exploring German Contexts I (GERST 1210) and Exploring German Contexts II (GERST 1220). She will be teaching Germany: Intercultural Context (GERST 2000) in Fall 2023. Prior to Cornell, Candice taught English at the Berliner Volkshochschulen in Berlin, Germany.

GERST Courses - Spring 2024