Hannah Miller (Ph.D. '17) explores the "States of Fandom" in New Book

Congratulations to Dr. Hannah Miller (Ph.D. in German Studies, 2017) on the recent publication of her first book, The Politics of Fandom. Conflicts That Divide Communities (McFarland, 2022).  
As Professor Matt Hills (University of Huddersfield, UK) writes, the book “makes a powerful argument for the politics of fan studies, expertly analyzing transformative fandom as an alternative public sphere, and brilliantly exploring fan-organized activism and transmedia marketing. Hannah Mueller historicizes conflict within fan communities at the same time as speaking eloquently to today’s issues and concerns surrounding fan politics. If fandom is a battlefield, then great books like this are still the best weapons in the world.” 
And Professor CarrieLynn D. Reinhard (Dominican University) praises how Hannah Mueller “deftly adds to our understanding of the darker side of fandom by taking a historical perspective to analyze significant conflicts in fandom history and the impact of those conflicts on the course of their specific fandom’s history, as well as the overall trajectories of fandom and fan studies.” 
Congratulations again to Hannah Miller, who is now the Managing Editor of the renowned journal diacritics here at Cornell! 

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