Goethe Prize 2020

Goethe Essay Prize

Endowed in 1935 by Ludwig Vogelstein, is awarded annually for the best essay

on any topic in German literature or culture.  Originally it was awarded for

 essays on Goethe—no surprise there!—and was only open to graduate students

and seniors.  We thought that more of you deserved recognition for your effects

and so we have expanded the scope over the years.


Freshman/Sophomore Category

1st Prize - Fabio S. Cabrera

From Camels to Children: The Bad Conscience and Nietzsche’s Life-Affirming Spirit


Honorable Mentions: 

Casey Martin

A Noble Struggle: Comparative Morality in Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morals


Rory Sheppard

Nietzsche and the Will: Exploring Strength through Self-Control


Junior/Senior category

1st Prize - Leo Levy 

Eine Subversion des Struwwelpeters. F.K. Waechters intertextuelle Kritik an Childismus


Graduate Category

1st Prize - David Dunham

The Data and Narratives of Cases: Karl Philipp Moritz and Johann Georg Zimmermann


Honorable Mentions: 

Tamar Gutfeld 

Dunkele, sehr dunkele, ziemlich dunkele Dinge – Family and Language in Stifter’s Turmalin


Dennis Wegner

Queer Gothic Realism: The Symbolic Heteronormative Order in Jeremias Gotthelf’s Die Schwarze Spinne

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