Congratulations from the Department of German Studies!

Congratulations from the Department of German Studies

Congratulations to Dr. Matthias Müller, graduating Ph.D. in German Studies! 

The Department of German Studies warmly congratulates Matthias Müller who defended his dissertation The Loser's Edge: Writing from the Vantage Point of the Vanquished, 1918-1945 during the past academic year and completed his PhD degree in German Studies. 

To the department’s great delight, Matthias Müller is bringing his many talents – as teacher, thinker, writer, team player, and leader – to the University Medical Center Mainz (Germany), where he now works full-time as a consultant for faculty appointments. 

Heartfelt congratulations and celebratory wishes from all faculty, staff, and students in the Department of German Studies on your doctoral degree and extraordinary accomplishments! 

Peter Gilgen, Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies 

Elke Siegel, Associate Professor and Department Chair 


Dear Graduating Majors and Minors in German Studies, 

Congratulations from the entire Department of German Studies on your Cornell graduation and all your splendid accomplishments!  

We unfortunately cannot celebrate with you and yours in person, but be assured: We are celebrating you and will always celebrate and remember your resilience, your small and big achievements especially in these difficult times, your enthusiasm and curiosity, all your tremendous gifts and talents, your plans and aspirations. What a privilege it is to have met you and worked with you!  

We hope you keep in touch with Cornell’s German Studies community as you move on; we hope you will continue to venture across supposed dividing lines of languages and cultures; and we hope you will remain active as a member of the global community of German-language speakers. We will miss you in Goldwin Smith Hall, and we will remain inspired by our shared work with you. Wherever you will be: Thank you for helping local and global communities to create a better world. 

We are proud to feature these individual profiles of this year’s graduating seniors in German Studies. Please enjoy them. 

Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Und wir wünschen Ihnen alles, alles Gute für Ihre Zukunft. 

With best wishes and celebratory regards from all faculty, staff, and students in the Department of German Studies,  

Elke Siegel, Associate Professor of German Studies and Department Chair  

Gunhild Lischke, Senior Lecturer in German Studies, Language Program Director, and Director of Undergraduate Studies 

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Bus with luggage on top. German text: Herzlichen Gluckwunscch und alles, alles gute!