Ari Linden, Ph.D. ’13, Promoted to Associate Professor with Tenure at University of Kansas; Published First Book in May

Ari Linden, who received his Ph.D. in German Studies at Cornell in 2013, has recently been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure at the University of Kansas, where he has been teaching in the German Department since his degree, first as Visiting Assistant Professor and then as Assistant Professor.

His first book, Karl Kraus and the Discourse of Modernity, was published by Northwestern University Press in May: “Enormously erudite and enviably conversant with critical theory, Linden  convincingly argues that modernism cannot be fully understood without taking account of the towering—but still often neglected—figure of Karl Kraus.” (William Collins Donahue, University of Notre Dame).

Prof. Linden’s next project is tentatively titled “On the Dialectics of Exile” and will consist of two related parts: 1) an examination of canonical dialectical thinkers (Hegel, Marx, Adorno, Gillian Rose) with a view toward understanding dialectics as ‘philosophy in exile’; and 2) a reflection on  20th-century German Jewish writers (e.g., Joseph Roth, Else Lasker-Schüler, Sigmund Freud) and what Linden views as their highly ambivalent writings on the phenomena of exile and notions of the ‘origin.’ Prof. Linden’s latest article tackles Freud’s Moses and Monotheism and its critique of nationalism.

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