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German Studies, Cornell University

Cornell University Department of German Studies Cornell Univeristy


Undergraduate Studies

German Studies Minor

The undergraduate minor in German Studies is intended for students enrolled in any of the seven undergraduate colleges at Cornell who wish to gain a broad understanding of the culture, literature, and society of German-speaking countries while refining their language competence. The minor is designed to provide for breadth while permitting flexibility to emphasize areas of interest in German Studies.

The course GERST 2000 or equivalent is the prerequisite for declaring the minor. Students must complete a minimum of four courses starting with GERST 2020 or above selected from the offerings of the German Studies Department. At least one of these courses must be taught in German at the 3000-level or higher. One of the four courses may be from another department as long as it has a substantial German component. No more than one course per semester taken as part of a study-abroad program may be counted toward the minor. GERST 4510-4520 Independent Study may not be counted at all. 

Interested students in the German Minor should consult with the department's Director of Undergraduate Studies, Elke Siegel, 178 Goldwin Smith Hall.