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German Studies, Cornell University

Cornell University Department of German Studies Cornell Univeristy

Courses of Study

Graduate Studies

Courses of Study

Our program is designed to grant students maximum freedom in tailoring their studies to their academic interests. Graduate students work closely with a Special Committee of their choice that advises them and administers the examinations required for an advanced degree. The Graduate School permits any combination of major and minor subjects approved by the candidate's Special Committee.

To allow for maximum flexibility in their studies students are expected to complete a minimum number of required courses, including:

  • five of the anchor courses taught by a faculty member in the Department of German Studies in the following four areas of German culture: Middle Ages through the Reformation; the Baroque through the end of the eighteenth century; the nineteenth century; the twentieth century;
  • a course in language pedagogy offered by the department every fall;
  • course work required to demonstrate proficiency in a language other than German relevant to the student’s field of concentration.
For more information about examinations and requirements please refer to the Guide for Graduate Students (pfd) in German Studies.