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Arthur Groos

Arthur Groos

agArthur Groos is Avalon Foundation Professor of the Humanities, and is a member  of the graduate fields of German Studies, Medieval Studies, and Music. In the  former, his interests include Arthurian romance, the courtly love lyric, medieval  science, early modern city culture, and the Age of Goethe; in the latter they  focus on issues of music and culture, text-music relations, and opera, especially  Wagner, Puccini, and modern opera. Founding co-editor of the Cambridge Opera  Journal, he is also general editor of Cambridge Studies in Opera  (Cambridge University Press), and co-editor of a monograph series on medieval/early  modern literature and culture, Transatlantische Studien (Vandenhoeck  & Ruprecht). A co-founder and Vice President of the Centro Studi Giacomo  Puccini in Lucca, Italy, he also edits its periodical (Studi pucciniani)  and monograph series. He held Guggenheim and Senior Fulbright Fellowships in  Munich in 1979-80, and an Alexander von Humboldt Forschungspreis in  Berlin in 2001-02. In fall 2007, he was Fowler Hamilton Visiting Fellow at Christ  Church, Oxford. 

Selected books

  Topographies of the Early Modern City, ed. Arthur Groos and Markus  Stock (Göttingen, Vandenhoeck & Rupprecht, 2008) [in press]
  Madama Butterfly: l’orientalismo di fine secolo, l’approccio  pucciniano, la ricezione, ed. Arthur Groos et al. (Florence: Olschki, 2008)
  Madama Butterfly 1904-2004: Fonti e documenti, ed. Arthur  Groos (Lucca: Centro studi Giacomo Puccini, 2005)
  Kulturen des Manuskriptzeitalters, ed. Arthur Groos and Hans-Jochen  Schiewer (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Rupprecht, 2004)
  Romancing the Grail: Genre, Science, and Quest in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s  Parzival (Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1995).
  Reading Opera, ed. Arthur Groos and Roger Parker (Princeton, NJ: Princeton  University Press, 1988).

Recent articles

  “Madama Butterfly Between Tragedy and Comedy,” in Madama  Butterfly, pp. 159-82.
  “Entlehnung und Intertextualität: Zur Autentisierung des Minnesangs  beim ‘frühen’ Walther (L. 13.33)”, Der achthundertjährige  Pelzrock: Walther von der Vogelweide - Wolfger von Erla – Zeiselmauer,  Vorträge gehalten am Walther-Symposion der Österreichischen Akademie  der Wissenschaften vom 24. bis 27. September 2003 in Zeiselmauer (Niederösterreich),  ed. Helmut Birkhan (Vienna: Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften,  2005).
  “Orientalizing Wolfram’s Orient: The East in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s  Parzival,” in Kulturen des Manuskriptzeitalters, pp.  61-86. 

Recent courses

  The Age of Goethe (GERST 3250)
  Opera and Culture (GERST 3740/Music 3740)
  Text and Music (MUSIC 314/GERST 342)
  Introduction to Medieval German Literature (GERST 4050-4060)
  Arthurian Romance (GERST 654)
  Puccini (MUSIC 690)